What's it going to cost me?

The good news is that Freelance World and its partner sites,,, and don't charge clients any fees or commissions at all. The only fees that you will pay are the ones that you agree with your chosen freelancer.

I don't live in the UK. Can I still use the sites to find a suitable freelancer?

Yes, of course. Distance and location is generally not a problem for the majority of projects. The Internet and e-mail.make communication and the sending/receiving of work very convenient indeed.

How the sites work?*

There are two basic methods of sourcing a freelancer:

  • Search the directories:
    • Full Listing - of all registered freelancers on the site.
    • by Location - for example you may wish to search for a freelancer who lives in Worcestershire.
    • by Service Provided/Required - eg you may be looking for a secretary who can undertaken presentation work, a copywriter for a particular project, proofreader and/or editor for a novel, etc.
    • by Topics Covered - (available on Freelance Proofreaders only) eg you need a proofreader who specialises in health issues.
  • Post details of your project on the site (Post Your Project)
    • You'll complete a small online form where you can tell us about your project.
    • All freelancers are notified accordingly of your project, contact name and e-mail address. Full contact details are not divulged to the freelancers at this time, unless you specifically refer to them within the Project Details section eg "I'm looking for someone to complete this project today, can you please telephone me on XXXXXXXXXX to discuss as soon as possible" or "visit our web site at ...... for more information on our company".
    • Any interested freelancers will e-mail you directly.
    • You would then contact the freelancers directly to negotiate your project further.
    • No fee or commission is charged by Freelance World (or its partner sites) for you to use this service.

Approaching freelancers

When approaching freelancers, to the benefit of all parties concerned, it would be helpful if you could provide the following information:

  • Who you are, in terms of whether the work is for you, whether you are acting on behalf of a third party person, or the company that you work for.
  • What type of service do you require?
    • Database Production/Maintenance
    • Ghostwriter
    • Proofreader
  • Describe your project in detail:
    • The nature of your work eg legal, medical, small business - building contractor, online magazine, unpublished author.
    • Is the project ongoing, or just a one-off task?
    • State your budget or request a quote for your project.
  • Timescales:
    • What date are you looking for someone to actually start working on your project?
    • What date would you like your project to be completed?
  • Provide contact details.

If you follow the above guidelines it will enable the freelancer to evaluate your project fully, check their own availability and provide you with an accurate quote for your project. Often, much time is wasted by several e-mails being sent back and forth whilst the freelancer is trying to establish the full extent of your project.

Freelancers are self-employed and therefore responsible for their own national insurance and tax. The majority of freelancers use PayPal, a safe and convenient way to receive/send monies by debit/credit card, and convenient to all.

Please feel free to contact freelancers direct. When you do, it would be appreciated if you could let them know on what site you found their details - many thanks!


We hope you find this information useful.